Backhoe Loader V3

August 2018


After almost 2 years of non-Lego-building, it was time to finish a new MOC.

May I present:

Backhoe Loader V3, an improved version of my most popular MOC, the Backhoe V2 from 2012.


Just as the V2, the V3 is fully remote controlled. Now back in 2012, only the M-motor and the XL-motor were available. Now that we have the L-motor and the servo-motor, they can be used to upgrade the model. Also, we now have the perfect tyres for a tractor, thanks to 42054, 42070 and 42081. The Backhoe V2 used the very rare and expensive Power-puller tyres, so now it's much easier and cheaper to get the correct tyres.


The blue colour was chosen to distinguish between my previour backhoe loaders (which were all yellow). Of course, it possible to build this model in yellow instead.

A lot of effort went in preventing the use of rare parts. 2 rare parts I was unable to extract were the 2 technic panels on the sides of the front. 


Remote Controlled Functions:

1. Driving (2x L-Motor)

2. Return-to-centre steering (Servo-motor)

3. Gearbox to select between Loader or backhoe operation (M-motor)

4. Loader (L-motor)

5. Loader-bucket (L-Motor)

6. Backhoe boom (L-motor)

7, Backhoe stick (M-motor)

8. Backhoe bucket (M-motor)

9. Backhoe rotation over 180 degrees (L-motor)

10. Outriggers (M-motor)


Non-motorized functions:

1. Ready for PF-lights

2. pendular front-axle

3. Hood open/closed


The model can be powered from the rechargeable Power Functions battery (8878), or the AAA-battery box (88000) and 2 SBricks allowing the model to be controlled with a smartphone or tablet (iOS & Android). 


Improvements over the Backhoe V2:

1. Loader up/down works faster, thanks to the L-Motor

2. Front bucket works faster thanks to the L-motor

3. Backhoe up/down works faster, again thanks to the L-motor

4. Motor for the backhoe bucket is now in the boom instead of the stick, improving the balance of the backhoe

5. Rear wheels are more realistic and much easier to find

6. Nice blue colour for a change

7. Uses the big bucket of the 42030, which iscales better to the whole model


As with most of my MOC's, full building instructions are available. You can find them here