PF-Backhoe Loader V2


Parts: 1967
Weight: 2,6 kg

After many requests for instructions for the PF Backhoe loader I built 1,5 year ago, I decided to rebuild the model, improve it and make building instructions. It has been my most complex Lego-project so far.

Technically, it’s very similar to the first version. That means there are 8 motors for 9 functions:

  • Driving & steering
  • Outriggers
  • Frontloader & bucket
  • Backhoe, dipper & bucket
  • Backhoe rotation

Technical differences with the first version are:

  • Front bucket now has the big LA’s instead of the mini LA’s
  • Dipper is 1 stud shorter
  • More compact design
  • Speed controll for driving

Other improvents are esthetical:

  • It now has a seat and steering wheel inside
  • Panels in the front section
  • Fenders for the front wheels
  • Rear-fenders with round curve
  • Roof with curved sides.
  • I’m very happy with the end-result. The new version looks nicer and all the functions work properly.


The main goal of this model was to make building instructions. It took a long time to make them, but they’re finally ready. They come as 254-page PDF-file, including parts list. Go to the Backhoe instrictions-page to get them.

You can see the online parts-list at