March 2012



Not exxactly the first Technic Excavator MOC, but it is one of the few Orange Excavators in Lego Technic land. The orange parts from the 8110 Unimog were a great help in designing this model. The experience I got while creating the Ultimate 8043-MOD was also very usefull. This MOC features:

Full remote controll with dual-joystick controll

  • All functions can work simultaiously
  • Full 360+ rotation, no wires going through the turntable
  • Realistic range for boom, dipper and bucket
  • Pendular suspension
  • Easy access to batterybox for switching on/off and recharging
  • PF-lights

Obviously this model is similar to the famous Lego® 8043 Motorized excavator. There are quite some differences though. In this MOC, all 6 motorized functions can work simultaniously, just like in the Ultimate 8043.  Pendular suspension was added as well.


The motors for operating the dipper and bucket were placed inside the digging arm. This has 2 advantages: it keeps all the drivetrains really short, making them more efficient. And placing the bucket-motor inside the dipper made it possible to give the dipper a large operating range. There are no gears or u-joints going through the rotation point.

And much attention was oaid to the working-ranges of the boom, dipper and bucket, resulting in a more realistic performance and a more capable digging machine.

Wedge-plates were used to cover the boom, giving it that “closed”-look. But I noticed that those plates give the boom extra stiffness


Like the 8043, this model uses the “2 drivetrains through 1 turntable” principle. The chassis has all the gear-reduction (1:15 total gearing) reducing the side-effects during upperstructure rotation.

The chassis has a simple pendular suspension system without shock-absorbers.


Here are the motors for driving (M), rotating (M) and boom-lifting (XL). It also has the battery0box. I use the 8878 rechargeable battery, but the model can be easily modified to use the standard batterybox. There’s also a batterybox which uses AAA-batteries, which is exactly as big as the 8878 making it a good and cheap alternative to the 8878.

And it’s ORANGE !!! I love the model in this colour. Unfortunately, I did’t have enough orange bricks to make the boom in orange as well.


Detailed building instructions are available, the best instructions I’ve made so far. But in contrast to my previous instructions, I’m not providing the instructions for free. They are for sale for € 10. Making the instructions takes so much time, time I can’t use for building models. Besides that, I feel that the instructions I make are of high quality, which are worth something.

Go to the ZOREX-220 instructions-page to get them.