Small Red RC Racecar

After finishing my Yellow racecar I had to make a second car so they could race against each other.
Unfortunately, red was the only colour of which I had enough parts to make a second racecar. It had to
be the same scale, it has the same wheels and wheelbase, is also powered by the 8878 rechargeable
battery and has the front bumper with shock absorbers. It has PF front & rearlights

But there are many differences:

  • The new red car is driven by a RC race-buggy motor with 2:1 gear reductionn, while the yellow one
  • uses an XL-motor geared up 1:3. This makes the red car considerably faster, both in accelleration
  • and top speed.
  • The chassis is quite different and stronger.
  • The return-to-centre steering uses shock-absorbers. It's based on a design by Mahjqa.
  • This represents a mid-engine car while the yellow one was a front-engine car.
  • This one has wing-doors instead of normal ones.
  • No rotating steering-wheel this time. The hood was to small to fit in a good system.
  • It was possible to place the receiver lower, not sticking out anymore.
  • Although the same scale, it's smaller (35 x 18 x 12 studs. But it's built with slightly more parts
  • (772 in total, also counting the customized handset)
  • In the end, I like this one even more than the yellow one. I hope to make some race-footage in the near future.

Some technical data:

  • Lenth: 38 studs
  • Width: 17 studs
  • Height: 14 studs
  • Number of parts: 728 (including the remote controller)
  • Drivetrain: XL-motor with 3:1 speed increase.


Again I've made full step-by-step building instructions. Go to the Red Racecar instructions-page to get them.
If any of you find some errors in these files, please let me know, so I can correct them.