For the next Allround Car Competition, the theme is "All But Four", meaning all contestants have to make an RC-vehicule with any number of wheels exept 4. Since building light is a good technique to make a fast car, I chose the minimum number of wheels with which is was possible to make an RC-car: 3.

To give it good driving capabilities, I wanted to include the following:

  • Make it as light as possible
  • Differential for smooth cornering
  • Good steering-lock for good manouvrability
  • Return-to-centre steering for comfortable controll
  • And to give it just a bit extra than just an RC-vehicle, I included a working V4-engine. It also has front & rear-lights

For the return-to-centre steering, this part was used. It has an internal spring, which returns an axle to neutral position. An M-motor was used. Different gear-setup were tested to find the one with the best steering-lock/Return-to-neutral performance. The result is a very manouvrable trike.

For propulsion, I chose an XL-motor. It's speed was increased by a factor 2 in a drivetrain comparable to myE.R.T.W.D.. It is quite fast, while still having some power to drive over some obstacles.


I've made complete step-by-step building instructions. Go to the Trike instructions-page to get them.
Allthough the model uses an 8878 Rechargeable battery, it can be built with a normal batterybox as well.