Small Yellow RC Racecar

Ever since I took part in ACC races at the latest Lowlug meeting,
I've become addicted to racing with self-made LEGO-racecars. First I made a very simple RC chassis x2
(which was really ugly), and improvised a race-track in my own attic. There I raced against my brother
until the batteries were completely empty.

So I just had to make small racecars that would also look nice. This is the first

in a series of at least 2 small racecars.

The drivetrain is derived from my E.R.T.W.D..
And in contrast to my previous RC car, the Little Devil, it features return-to-centre steering
which makes the car more controllable. It uses the
technic axle connector rectangular triple spring-loaded to return the steering axle to neutral position.

Although it was built as small as possible, I did manage to include quite some features
of which the rotating steering wheel is my favorite. It also has working frontlights and rearlights.

The doors can be opened. But they have a small lock, so they won't open during driving.
The trunk opens as well, giving a nice view of the drivetrain.

Since it has to endure some racing-abuse, it was made as strong as possible.
And to protect the front, the bumper was fitted with shock-absorbers.

So driving this thing and crashing into something (which happens regularly) is pretty safe.

The choice of wheels was a consequence of a number of aspects: initially all the wheels
were of the 62.4 x 20 S type, but this resulted in weird-looking cars with wheels that were to big.

So I switched to model team wheels for the front. But I kept the big rear-wheels because smaller wheels
would require more gearing in the drivetrain. Eventually the big wheels give it a powerfull look.

Some technical data:
Lenth: 38 studs
Width: 17 studs
Height: 14 studs
Number of parts: 728 (including the remote controller)
Drivetrain: XL-motor with 3:1 speed increase.


I've made complete step-by-step building instructions.They instructions can be downloaded from the Yellow racecar instructios-page.