Koenigsegg Supercar


A non-PF supercar in the same scale as my Sunbeam Supercar and the Little Devil. The model started as a test for Sheepo’s MPS. I built a couple of his front-axles and rear-axles, and I realized how amazing they are. This inspired me to build a new supercar. I choose the Sweedish supercar Koenigsegg CCX as model. I wanted to make the typical door-mechanism of this car quite some time ago, but I failed back then. This time I succeeded in making the doors move out and up simultainiously with one singe operation.

And of course it had to have all of the fuinctions you’d expect from a Lego® Technic supercar with some small extra’s. Here’s the complete list of features:

  •  6-speed manual gearbox
  • Full independent double wishbone suspension
  • Hand-of-God steering
  • Working steering-wheel inside
  • Ackermann-steering geometry
  • Caster angle on steering axle
  • Camber on both axles
  • V8 engine with RWD
  • Typical Koenigsegg doors
  • Opening hood and trunk 

Building Instructions

Again, I made full high-quality building instructions. It comes as a 294-page PDF-file with  parts list. It includes clear construction-images and parts-list images for each step. Go to the Koenigsegg instructions-page to get them.