Little Devil



I'm very happy to present my Little Devil remote controlled sportscar. It has won the 1st prize in the first “For the love of cars”-contest on MOC-pages.

This is meant to be the first in a small series of LEGO-Technic cars using the wheels of set 8462. It's one of the nicest set of Lego® wheels I have, which made me come up with this idea. The cars will have the same scale and similar features: remote controlled driving & steering, opening doors, working lights and engines. They will not have suspension and gearboxes for some specific reasons. It allows to make tighter mudguards and lower ground clearance, which looks good. And it allows the batterybox to be placed in the middle of the bottom of the car, which is good for stability.

The Little Devil is not a model of an existing car. It's a typical mid-engine sportscar, inspired mainly by brands like Lamborghini, Ferrari & Koenigsegg.

It features a very reliable drivetrain: the ERTWD, which is stronger than the motor itself, so the RC driving works very well, making it much fun to drive.

The manual doors-mechanism works like in a Koenigegg: first the doors move outward, and than they rotate forewards.

Fast cars have big engines, and I managed to squeeze a V10 engine in with a degree additional detailing.

Just like with my Black supercar The Wasp, I tried to close the model completly. I made extensive use of the new-style panels and covered the studs & holes as much as possible with tiles.


I’ve made complete step-by-step building instructions for this model. They can be downloaded on the Little Devil-instructions-page