After building a lot of models with Power Functions, it was time for a non-PF model. Ever since I built the Little Devil sportscar, I wanted to build a yellow supercar. I chose Chevrolette’s Corvette sportscars as inspiration. It’s not an exact replica of a specific Corvette, but I tried to give it that typical Corvette-look. It took some time to collect enough yellow parts (mainly panels, flex-axles and angled connectors) and the 8043 Excavator set added quite a number of usefull parts.

The functions of this model are:

  • All-Wheel-Drive
  • HOG-steering with working steering-wheel inside
  • Independent suspension
  • V8 engine
  • 6-speed gearbox, no reverse
  • Movable Chairs
  • Openable doors, trunk and hatch


The All-Wheel Drive system uses three differentials, one on each axle and one to connect the 2 axles. For the manual gearbox I wanted to do something else than the regular 5+1 gearbox (as found in eg the 8448 and 8466). I decided to make a 6-speed version of it. For that, the reverse-gear had to be sacrificed.


I wanted to include Hand-Of-God steering, to make steering the model convenient. The steering-drivetran was routed around the gearbox, connecting to the steering-control in the hatch.



The chassis is made of a combination of studless beams with old-style studded technic bricks. This has 2 advantages: 1. It produces a very stiff chassis, which works well with the suspension. 2. It allows all the axles to be aligned very well, resulting in a smooth-running drivetrain.



Complete step-by-step building instructions were created for this model. This time I used Lpub to compile all the Instruction-images and parts-list images. It saved a lot of time compared to using MS Word for this. Although Lpub isn’t as flexible, I intend to use it more often, for it allows me to make instructions faster, leaving more time for building. The building instructions can be found on the instructions-page.