Ode to 8466


First of all: Big thanks fo Sariel & everybody who helped making the instructions for the Jeep Wrangler (which can be downloaded here) !! It made it possible to easily make my own Trial-Truck.

As I wanted a break from my main project (which is a new supercar) I decided to build the chassis of Sariel's Jeep Wrangler. It performed so well that I decided to make a complete car. The looks of the iconic 8466 was chosen (I finally found a use for those weird green panels).

After one day of building, the chassis was ready & tested, it took another day to make the global looks of the car and a couple of evenings were spent making the final details.

Constructionwise it is very different from the original 8466, it's also a bit smaller, about 80% of the original. The doors of the 8466 are one of its coolest features, so those had to be recreated. They unfortunately don't have the damped shock-absorbers for 2 reasons: there was no space & the doors might open out of themselves when doing offroad-driving.

A small truck-trial circuit was created in my own backyard to do some offroad-driving and filming, which was a lot of fun !! I'm very impressed with the performance of this chassis.

Only minor changes were made to the chassis: I made some protection for the rear knob-wheels, preventing anything (like plants or grass to come between them. I noticed that the rear shock-absorbers were a bit loose so I locked them. And the chassis was reinforced a bit.