Tarantula Trial Truck


Allthough this model was created in the summer of 2012, I’ve never been able to make the time to publish it. So finally, I finished the building instructions, make pictures and compiled a video to send this model onto the world wide web.

This model was make as light and simple as possible. For propulsion 1 PF-XL was used to drive all the wheels. There are no differentials. It has 1 : 7.2 gear reduction, so it’s not fast, but it is very powerfull. Steering is done with 1 PF-M motor which is mounted inside the front axle. The unimog Portal hubs and ball-joint parts create 2 flexible live axles with smooth suspension. This thing is capable of easily crossing various obstacles (including Supercars LOL).

It’s been designed to use the “standard” Truck-trial wheels and Power-puller wheels. And the colour of the bodywork can easily be changed by exchanging only 4 Technic Panels. My preferred colour are Metallic Green and Silver 8-)

It’s been thouroughly tested. I brought 2 of these Tarantula’s to the Lego Fanwelt-event in Cologne 2012, where they were driven (tortured) by kids between 5 and 8 years old. Both trucks survived, not 1 u-joint or gear was broken.

Free buiding instructions are available on the instructions page of this website. The model consists of 819 parts and weighs about 1 kg when using the 8878 rechargeable battery. Of course, the 88000 AAA-battery box can be used as well.