American Truck `Longnose`


This is a 1:23 scale model of a typical American truck, inspired on the Peterbilt 389, topmodel of Peterbilts Traditional Line. It is not an exact copy, I just needed a specific truck which could serve as an example. The base of the truck is 13 studs wide, the truck itself 15, if you count the rear-view-mirrors.


Studless design (whereas most trucks are brick-based)Remote controlled driving & steeringBoth rear-axles are driven through differentialsPF-lightsCan be used with joystick and speed-control remoteOpening hood with dummy engineOpening cabin-doors5th wheel ready for trailer with steering

Initially it was built for participation in an “Allround Car Competition” with the theme “All But Four”. This meant that all vehicules must not have 4 wheels. Eventually I decided that it wasn’t fast enough and that the ground-clearance was too high to drive over obstacles, so for the ACC, I built the Trike instead. I liked the model much, so I decided to finish it and make instructions for it. I will even make a special trailer for it, which will be my next project.


The model was designed for the 8878 rechargeable battery. After finishing the model I realized that the normal batterybox fitted inside as well. So I decided to make 2 sets of instructions: 1 for the 8878 and 1 for the standard batterybox. Although I’m a big fan of the 8878, it’s very expensive, and lots of people don’t have it for that reason. Now those people can still build it with normal batteries. Go to the Longnose instructions-page to get them.