Lowboy trailer for Kenworth W900 truck

August 2015


After finishing the Kenworth W900 truck in July 2014, is was clear that there had to come a trailer to go along with it. A lowboy-type trailer was selected, so it could carry for example the Link Belt 250 X 3 excavator. So it got the same colour-scheme as the Kenworth truck: white/orange/green. 


This trailer has 3 technical functions. It's most important feature is the steering wheels. The rotation of the trailer relative to the truck is transferred to the wheels of the trailer. The steering is proportional, the 3 axles have a different angle, the rear-one has the biggest rotation-angle.

The 2 other functions are retractable support wheels and movable wedges.

Building instructions

Complete building instructions ate available at he instructions-page.